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On the Topic of Narrative


The work of Glen Erler:

An article/interview in Photoworks magazine pertaining to his ‘Family Tree’ series (see his use of captions to enhance the photographs)

Spot where my dad’s dad was found dead. Del Mar, Ca.

“This is a photo of where my dad’s father was found dead just across the street from where he lived until he was thirteen. My dad’s mother died a month before his father. My dad and his four brother’s and sister moved out and basically lived on their own from this point. ”

His web site with other projects:

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  1. Jared Ragland permalink*
    09/15/2009 23:10

    I’ve never visited California, yet its funny how familiar these images seem. The stories are wonderful and remind me that no matter where we come from we share certain experiences, and its the commonalities within narrative that draws us not only into a story, but to one another.

    Thanks so much for sharing Erler with us, Pavlos. After a day that included working on my own pictures then being with you all in class for over 5 hours, its really wonderful to find work that still inspires a desire to look at and think about pictures.

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