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Portrait of Bresson by Dmitri Kessel for Time

Portrait of Bresson by Dmitri Kessel for Time

Check out the following Charlie Rose interview with the ever-ellusive, anarchist, and father of the decisive moment, Henri Cartier Bresson.  With his 35mm Leica, Bresson kicked out the ladder of what came before, and with Robert Capa and a handful of others started Magnum – an agency, as we have read via the Soth interview, that is teetering on the top rung of its own shaky ladder.

I love this interview – the way Bresson teases Rose, the way Rose talks to him like he’s senile and deaf, and the way Bresson teases him some more, plays coy, and the whole time gets his beautifully simple point across.  Photography is of the heart, the eye, the mind, the moment – its a smell, a certain something, a geometry, and a sketch of the world.  Dig on Avedon’s over the top intro at the beginning, too – totally hilarious – “Charlie, just, before you say a word…!!!” Such wonderful little moments throughout – great anecdotes, the ‘finger,’ the anarchy, the many many poetic statements – enjoy…

If you can’t get the video to play, move the cursor a few seconds into the timeline and press play.  Should work.  If not, go HERE.

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  1. ninethings permalink
    09/18/2009 06:11

    This is hilarious and super insightful. Enjoyed it a lot.

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