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Portrait of Minor White by Imogen Cunningham

Portrait of Minor White by Imogen Cunningham

From the perspective of today’s insistently self-conscious and distanced style of art photography, it is difficult to fathom the importance and influence of Minor White. At the time of his death 13 years ago, he was the leading voice for photography’s expressive powers. A photographer, editor (of the magazine Aperture), teacher and critic whose views were unabashedly psychoanalytic and mystical, he shaped the esthetic climate of postwar photography in much the same way that Alfred Stieglitz had shaped the medium before the war.

The passage above was written by our own Andy Grundberg for the NYTimes.  Entitled “Minor White’s Quest for Symbolic Significance,” and published on April 30, 1989, the article was written in context of the opening of a White retrospective at MOMA.  Through description of White’s work and the curatorial decisions made in the retrospective exhibition, Andy discusses White’s search for the spiritual through his pictures and practice and articulates the disjunction we may feel at looking at the photographer’s work from a postmodern point of view.

Read the full article here: THE NEW YORK TIMES.

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