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Bruce Weber, Branded Youth and Other Stories


This book, Branded Youth and Other Stories is layered with interlacing images, text and collage.  The stories are all different and compelling but still reflect what images are being viewed.  The text and images are depended on one another for the formation of the two as a whole.  The images stand as a visual representation of what is being read.  This allows the viewer to create a deeper connection with the plight of the characters.  Many of the images depict young celebrities, which is a genera of photography I normally stray from, however the interrelation of the stories to the images transform the people shown into who you are reading about.

The first photographic story, Branded youth, contains the strongest correlation of the text to the images.

The book as a whole does not necessary concentrate on repetition so much as it does content within the individual images and stories and the readers ability to make a connection between the two.

I could not find too many images, however I did place the book on reserve at the library

Branded Youth and Other Stories

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