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Eadweard Muybridge


Eadweard Muybridge is an English photographer primarily known for his pioneer work using multiple cameras and using a zoopraxiscope. A series of his most well-known works is Horse in Motion which shows a horse in stop motion while running. This information aided to inform people that horses at one point while running, had all four legs off the ground but not sticking out in opposite directions how illustrators portrayed it. 


Some facts about him that I found kind of interesting…

He was born with the name Edward James Muggeridge but changed his last name to Muygridge, then changed it to Muybridge. Later, he changed his first name to Eadweard, some people think it’s because of King Eadweard. 


Also, Muybridge murdered his wife’s lover and got acquitted. Here’s the article at wikipedia

In 1874, still living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Muybridge discovered that his wife had a lover, a Major Harry Larkyns. On October 17, 1874, he sought out Larkyns; said, “Good evening, Major, my name is Muybridge and here is the answer to the letter you sent my wife”; he then killed the Major with a gunshot.[3]

Muybridge believed Larkyns to be his son’s true father, although as an adult, the son bore a remarkable resemblance to Muybridge. Muybridge was put on trial for murder, but was acquitted as a “justifiable homicide.” The inquiry interrupted his horse photography experiment, but not his relationship with Stanford, who paid for his criminal defense.

An interesting aspect of Muybridge’s defense was a plea of insanity due to a head injury Muybridge sustained following his stagecoach accident. Friends testified that the accident dramatically changed Muybridge’s personality from genial and pleasant to unstable and erratic. Although the jury dismissed the insanity plea, it is not unlikely that Muybridge had experienced emotional changes due to brain damage in the frontal cortex, often associated with traumatic head injuries. 


I can’t find a good website you can find more of his works at, other than google image search, but there are some books in the library with more information. 

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