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Proud Flesh


A few weeks ago when I went to New York city I visited the Gagosian Gallery to see Sally Mann’s new body of work titled Proud Flesh.  Mann

The group consists of nude portraits of her husband who has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. The prints were done with wet plate collodion negatives contacted onto silver gelatin paper.  The show was extremely depressing and beautiful.  The pain that could be read off the images was immense.  Mann’s husbands body is slowly deteriorating and wasting away, Mann took this pain and dealt with it how a lot of artist would. via their chosen medium.  What really makes the series such an impact visually is how she manipulates the processes and exploits the collodions fragility.  She forces the collodion to an unstable level to achieve the all the imperfections that play well with the hollowed body.  I was only able to spend 45 minutes at the gallery because it was closing, but really I urge who ever can go see this before it closes on the 31st of October, go see it.  I want to see it again.  It was so sad that it really made me want to cry.Mann




here is a link to the Gagosian Gallery website:

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  1. rios permalink
    10/20/2009 16:27

    Ah! I was just in New York on Friday, and I missed this??!! I saw Jeff Wall’s new stuff (not so good):

    and some work over at Bonni Benrubi’s place:

  2. arisslater permalink
    10/23/2009 14:21

    oh snap! I like the one by Josef Hoflehner the best. Well since you are currently in transit to New York I would suggest going by there.

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