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Em(MAN)uel (RA)dnitzk(Y)



After Duchamp, Man Ray is THE dada artist. Most of you probably know his background already: american artist, moved to paris, experimented with photography, rediscovered the photogram(dubbed the ‘rayogram’), rediscovered solarization when his assistant/lover Lee Miller accidentally exposed a print to light, sculpture, collage, video, lived next door to Atget – published Atget’s first prints in a dada magazine, his assistant was Berenice Abbott who later brought Atget into his full recognition… I don’t think there’s anything he didn’t do, or anyone he didn’t know. Awesome.

Make sure you click the video link! and check out his images after the jump.







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  1. Jared Ragland permalink*
    10/30/2009 20:58

    great find with the video. fun to watch.

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