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I had the opportunity to sit in with our pals on the other side of the studio last night and take a look at the in-progress projects being made by the photojournalism students.  It was a good time, and they’ve got some great ideas as they pursue a semester-long project on the American family.  I pointed them here to OFF THE ORANGE, and volunteered to share some links to some online resources of contemporary photography and photojournalism.

And the nominees are:
(NOTES ON) writer Jim Johnson is a political theorist with an interest in photography.  Often merging political issues with photographs – used as either illustrations or as points of departure for his blog content – I find reading his blog is a great way to keep up with what is going on in the world and on the web within a photographic context.
1000 WORDS is a great resource of contemporary photography and documentary work.  Dubbing itself as a “Contemporary Photography Magazine Online,” it showcases some really great work via the “magazine” as well as a blog.  My favorite recent feature is Jake Stangel’s Pontiac Dream series, and check out the latest issue that features the work of JH Engstrom and a review on a book of really haunting photographs of lynchings.

EV +/- is a must read:
AMERICAN SUBURB X has become one of the greatest photographic resources online.  Featuring artist portfolios, hard to find essays, transcriptions of lectures, and interviews, you can get lost for hours on the site.  During class I mentioned the work of Shelby Lee Adams, and a wonderful essay of his was just recently published to the site.
Amy Stein’s blog is a great personal blog that features all sorts of great work, videos, links and info.

Then there’s BOOGIE
Jorg Colberg’s blog CONSCIENTIOUS has become a central location for finding out what’s hot in contemporary photography, and he has become known as an authority in the rise of blogging as a means of photographic communication.
Another authority on the blogosphere, Cara Phillips’ blog, GROUND GLASS is a great resource for what’s happening in photography, and most specifically NYC photo events.
I HEART PHOTOGRAPH kicks my ass all the time.  Its my favorite blog because half the time I have no idea what I’m looking at, and I love that feeling.
George Georgiou is a wonderfully talented Eastern European photographer whose blog IN TRANSIT features other European and Asian photographers working in more traditional photojournalism-type projects.  He has a wonderful curatorial eye, and all of the projects featured on the site are really great.
For another incredible source of contemporary photojournalism projects, check out Verve Photo: A NEW BREED OF DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHERS.  The work on the site is amazing, and within the first six posts you read, you’ve traveled around the world and back again.
LENS CULTURE is another broad source of work, and hosts an international competition.  Always great stuff here, too.
Finally, there is TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE, which features an emerging photographer each week, along with a “Sunday Showcase” and other great articles on the medium.

(I sorta feel like a magician who just revealed all his tricks.)

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