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Brenton Hamilton, Man of Stars, left; Pox, right. Cyanotype with Gum Washes and Gold Leaf

Brenton Hamilton is a fellow alumn of LaGrange College, a small liberal arts school in rural Georgia.  He graduated a number of years before I did, yet his presence was always felt via the legacy he left from his years of making great work and his later success as a graduate of SCAD and a teacher/coordinator at the Maine Photographic Workshops.

Hamilton makes the most wonderful cyanotype, gum and platinum prints – each a unique image created from collaged forms appropriated from anatomy illustrations, Greek and Roman art, 16th cen. painting and botanical imagery.  The appropriated forms create something thoroughly contemporary, though and bring us into a monochromatic dream-space that begs to be reveled in and yet because of its mysterious quality is sometimes wonderfully difficult to penetrate.

Check out his website for 4 portfolios of work: BRENTON HAMILTON STUDIO.


Brenton Hamilton, The Admirer, Cyanotype


Brenton Hamilton, Looking, Cyanotype

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  1. Al Steiglitz permalink
    10/29/2009 23:35

    I’ve always said: Strand and Hamilton!

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