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The Sky is Falling? What’s up in Photo Land and why it’s Time to be Optimistic about Image making by Tim Wride

DATE:     11/8/2009 – 11/8/2009
WHEN:    1:00 PM
WHERE:     Corcoran Gallery of Art Frances and Armand Hammer Auditorium

DESCRIPTION:    Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the Art World…everyone starts talking about toxic assets and downsizing! What’s an art lover to do? Curator/writer/educator Tim B. Wride will give his unique, and usually irreverent, look at the state of the Photography World in the wake of our current economic, social, and aesthetic meltdown. Follow as he guides us through the past and present trends that are in crisis, and take a leap as he offers insights into what may be the look of the future. Tim will point fingers, name names, and tilt at windmills as he explains how he dares harbor a satisfied sense of total OPTIMISM for the future of image making.

(Tim Wride is a great speaker and is great with students.  He has done senior portfolio reviews a few times now at the Corcoran with great success.  I highly recommend this lecture!)

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Eight Short Stories from Around the World

DATE:     11/8/2009 – 11/8/2009
WHEN:    6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
WHERE:     Busboys and Poets – 14th Street and V Street, NW

DESCRIPTION:    BagnewsNotes Blogger Michael Shaw leads off an evening with a presentation about White House Photo Strategy. Eight local photographers follow with highlights of their recent projects: Frank Day, Ethiopia; Katie Falkenberg, Uninsured in the MIssissipi Delta; Marvin Joseph, Body Builders; Darrow Montgomery, Washington Beyond the Monuments; Louie Palu, War in Afghanistan; Ivan Sigel, White Road–Journeys through Central Asia; Sarah Voisin, Drug Cartels Reign in Mexico; and Terri Weifenbach, “Another Summer”, A book Project.

(Terri’s new book is great, and I know she’d love to see you guys there in support!)

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