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There was a big (and pretty annoying) conversation today during the Q&A following Time Wride’s lecture about the democratic move of the digital medium and the use of digital capture systems like the iPhone.  After going on about the low quality and general threat such pictures posed to Photography, I tried nipping the conversation in the bud by announcing that you guys were in fact using cell phones to investigate picture making and that we had been discussing its value and where it fits within the larger vocabulary of our medium.  After talking about how the use of such cameras shouldnt be seen as a threat but instead as a hopeful, interesting and exciting new means of understanding images, Tim gave me a thumbs up.   He was excited to hear about what you guys are doing, and I’ll try to send him a link to what you guys are creating for the DUMP.

Over the next few posts I will share some artists that use cell phones in their work.  First up is PDN favorite Lisa Wiseman, who believes that the iPhone photo is the new Polaroid.  The pictures are nice (mostly in a conventional photographic sense), and got me to thinking about the conventions we use to make and read cell pictures: is the freedom gained from the use of the un-art capture really evident in most “art” cell phone pictures, or do they still live within the more generally accepted conventions of composition, color, tonality, subject matter that we expect in all other art photographs?  How should this medium be used?  Is there a right and/or wrong way?  How does it not become schtick?  Let’s talk more about these things in class on Tuesday.

Picture 13

Lisa Wiseman from The New Polaroid

Picture 15

Lisa Wiseman from The New Polaroid

Picture 16

Lisa Wiseman from The New Polaroid



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  1. pavloskaralis permalink
    11/09/2009 00:56

    I’ve found that my cell phone allows me to see some “magic” that I’d over look viewing through any other camera. Pictures are looking like those of Jeff Jacobson (a favourite of mine), so it’d be interesting to use my cell phone pics as drafts for better cameras.

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