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I <3 NY (and lotsa links)


Late last week Kris Tripplaar and I joined Will Knipscher and his wife Abi for a quick trip to NYC for Will’s opening of a group show, Recessive Traits at Broadway Gallery.  The opening was great, and we had a lot of fun gallery hopping in Chelsea with visits to Danziger Projects for Greatness: Andy Warhol Portraits of Sports Champions, Leslie Tonkonow for Agnes Denes, Aperture for Michael Wolf: Transparent City and Yancey Richardson for Andrew Moore’s Detroit.  After those visits and a number of others, I can say that what’s so hot right now is: paper cut-outs, doll houses, and photocopier processed photographs.  Other highlights included visits to the Strand (where I found a $9 copy of Brassai: The Eye of Paris) and to Dashwood Books.  Dashwood is a special place, devoted only to photography and featuring limited edition and artist photo books that can’t be found anywhere else. Its so special and the work so incredible that one would expect a cold shoulder to be given to the poor student or the not-yet-famous artist, yet the shop is so accommodating, friendly and willing to answer any questions you have while perusing the hundreds of books on the shelves.  You really must go if you’ve not yet been.

While at Dashwood I found some great work by photographers using cell phones as capture devices:

PETRA STAVAST has made classical-looking portraits with a cell phone for a series entitled, “S75”


Petra Stavast, from S75

and Decathlon Books has publised a neat little series of perfect bound books featuring their favorite contemporary photographers including Mark Gonzalez.  Gonzalez’s Emportant News features images made with a Sidekick phone and emailed over the course of a year, some of which were accompanied with a line of text, others without, and is printed on green newsprint paper.

Decathlon writes, “A Side Kick is basically a cell phone with a camera and a keyboard. We remember the name because Snoop Dogg did a commercial endorsing it. When we see Mark with his we automatically imagine that he is texting with Snoop.”


Mark Gonzalez, Emportant News


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