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Dick Allowatt, C. Albert, and about 200 others


I stumbled across a great reference/directory site for hundreds of collage artists from allover the world, and after browsing through 50 domains I realized it was irrational to continue looking at them all. Nonetheless, go check it out, and maybe you’ll click a lucky link at random:

Of the artists I browsed, the two which most appeal to my aesthetic taste are Dick Allowatt and C. Albert (both American). More specifically, I’m interested in their reliance on vintage, classical, and generally outdated imagery to emit nostalgia in their work, which to the contrary, [likely] addresses their experiences in the present era. Essentially, the use of old material adds an air of mythicism and narrative to modern experience. The effect can be saturating and overused, but it will always manage to draw me closer for a second look.

Unfortunately, it seems impossible to dig up biographical information on collage artists . . .

Dick Allowatt  –



C. Albert



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  1. 11/24/2009 22:08

    Dick Allowatt’s work is elegant, unique, fantastic — I don’t have enough adjectives in my repertoire. I own one of his works (“Sunlight”) and it’s wonderful.

    You can find more information about the artist here:

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