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Long Exposures…REALLY long exposures


Alexey Titarenko paints a bitter picture of a Russia, where people live in a world of unrealized hopes and where time seems to have stopped. Titarenko could not publicly call himself an artist, even though his work had nothing to do with communist propaganda, until the fall of the berlin wall. He has created multiple, long exposure series’  since then.


















Atta Kim is a South Korean Photographer who also uses long exposures

AttaKimOn-Airatta kim















As does Jehad NGA,











But of course, these guys would be nowhere without the man himself, Hiroshi Sugimoto. Images from his seascapes and theaters portfolios:



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  1. Jared Ragland permalink*
    11/17/2009 03:59

    Thanks for posting these links – all really interesting. I especially love Titarenko’s Nomenklatura portfolio – the multiple exposures really have a great surrealist affect, and when the pictures include the Cyrillic alphabet they really remind me of the Bauhaus and DADAist works of his eastern European predecessors.

  2. Jared Ragland permalink*
    11/17/2009 04:02

    oh, and speaking of long exposures, check out the image produced by the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF), a million-second-long exposure that reveals the first galaxies to emerge shortly after the big bang:

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