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Jill W.

These are images that my roommates Jill, Cortlandt, and I did of eachother for a project Jill did for core. They are blind contour drawings. A Blind Contour Drawings is when a person draws a subject while looking only while not picking your pencil up, you cannot look down at to the paper you are drawing on.

I chose Sigmund Freud as another source of influence because his work revolves around the subconscious and how the past of an individual is what makes up their consciousness.

Kara Kelly-Dalgety, Tea Gown

I found Kara Kelly-Dalgety’s work randomly searching the web. I chose her as in inspiration because this body of work is about her mother’s influence of tea drinking¬† and the customs that come with tea. She used the cyanotype process as a short of skeletontan view of the elegantness of tea drinking.

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