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people to look at


So I think Pavlos and I are on the same line of thought here.  lets see how different we go

This man is the best.  His name is Joseph Cornell.

I like the found frames he’s got going on there.  Im going to have to find me some when I go junk shopping

The next person I found was Kurth Schwitters

Mainly text and images, but all good. The last person I took of interest to is Wallace Berman.

I liked the repetition Berman is playing with to creat a mood.

Lets go make art!!

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  1. Jared Ragland permalink*
    11/17/2009 03:51

    Schwitters and Cornell – two of my favorites, especially Cornell. What you might be referring to as frames are actually boxes. Most of his collage work was three dimensional, composed of images and objects placed within beautiful wood boxes. There are some really wonderful publications on him and his work, most notably Joseph Cornell: Navigating the Imagination, and another called A Convergence of Birds. I’ll bring Birds to class tomorrow to share – its really really special.

  2. pavloskaralis permalink
    11/17/2009 05:08

    Shadow boxes are what the casings are called (at least at art stores); had a whole unit on Cornell for high school art class. . . . made this lol:

  3. 04/23/2010 14:02

    I am looking at both Cornell and Schwitters work for my art title of “Collections”. It’s fascinating- seen as tough I am a hoarder myself. Look at Robert Rauschenburg, if you haven’t already. He’s like a combination of both of these. And amazing!

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