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I found another reference treasure, not based in collage but focused on the photogram (although some artists featured incorporate collage into their work).  Separated alphabetically, this site spans a large chunk of phototogram history.  There are some Hippolyte Bayard examples linked there as well as some Wolfgang Tillmans.

I began with the A’s and then skipped a few letters and worked backward from Z through P, still missing out on many consonants.  Something stuck out more than the usual photgrammed objects:  the human body.

The human form communicated through the photogram, whether it be the skeletal system, the physical presence of a body, or through image appropriation, are all amazing.  A few examples:

Jayne Hinds Bidaut uses dryplate tintype photograms to depict her skeletons as “lost species and lost history”. (this example is actually a bullfrog)

Rana Cateseiana, 1999

Torsten Seidel uses enlarged  X-Rays to create a ghastly sense of the human skull, or even as a representation of mortal distortion and anguish

06, Portrait of this Mortal Coil

Thomas Barrow’s contacted cliche verre prints of appropriated magazine pages featuring sassy model gestures.

From the Series “fashion”, 1967

The concepts behind Thomas Bachler‘s photograms are super intriguing.  Although, I am not sure about the images themselves…

02, Case Studies

After seeing these  examples it is interesting to consider how inanimate objects can imitate the human silhouette.

Enjoy browsing beyond what I have shared:

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