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About a year ago THE DIGITAL JOURNALIST released their TOP 25 UNDER 25 list for 2008. Its an interesting group, and I thought you all might be interested – the work (some of which is really fantastic, some yawn inducing, but so it goes with these sorts of lists) is fairly diverse and covers a wide spectrum of style and p.o.v., with leanings toward work that can be described as “visual storytelling” and “social commentary photography.” Within the list you’ll find folks who are your contemporaries – one photographer, Nick Freeman, is from Baltimore. Another is young Magnum shooter Peter Van Agtmael, who you might have run into around school or around town over the past couple years. Another great up and coming photographer included in the list is Will Steacy, who has become most recently known for his wonderful body of night photographs, DOWN THESE MEAN STREETS.

Here’s the link to check out the 25 –

While the work is interesting, the main reason I share this year-old list with you now is because along with the pictures the site published artist statements and bios from each photographer. There are some great statements here – in fact they are all well crafted, and you might find some inspiration in putting together the statement for your final crit.

Read the statements here –

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of the bunch:



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