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Here’s a great, and very contemporary, couple of self portraits by SAM FALLS, a wonderful and seemingly iconoclastic artist. An added plus is that he mentions Parmigianino’s Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror in the following excerpt from an interview conducted by Too Much Chocolate.  It can be read in its entirety HERE.

LEFT: Sam Falls, Self Portrait; RIGHT: Sam Falls, Locks of Love

…both the ‘upside-down’ image and Locks of Love are to a greater or lesser degree self-portraits. When I did the upside-down piece I bought out a Walgreens’ watercolor supply to make a portrait series of all 44 presidents (I made it to Lyndon Johnson I think), and at the same time I had found this mirror that I was going to shoot my portrait in and us a 3-D filter on to do a little humorous update on the Parmigianino Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror, but because both were turning out a little heavy handed I combined them in a way, trying instead to work with a perspective shift that involved a self-portrait on large-format film without using a cable release or having the mirror be a direct reflection of the self but focused on something else.

The watercolors function as a play on the color checker in photography, or maybe how I feel about commercial photography, as well as a reference to painting and portraiture. I wanted to also go for a sense of looping and I think there is some strange motion involved by not pointing the light source on the object being photographed (the mirror) but directing our attention to the subjects, the watercolors and myself (my hand). Also, the quickload film holder covers my face more to be equated with the subjecthood of the watercolors and the notion that it too “holds” all the colors necessary to paint a portrait. Sounds kind of overdone in writing I guess.

Locks of Love is my hair that I donated to the organization of the same name – it’s just a straight photo of the hair after it was cut on a black backdrop.

Oh, and Sam likes oranges, too:

Sam Falls, Oorange

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