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Freya Najade, Astronaut, from "If you are lucky, you get old"

Life, death, love and sex: all parts of great stories, our stories. Freye Najade’s “If you are lucky, you get old” was featured this week at Exposure Compensation, and it is really something.  About the series Miguel Garcia-Guzman writes that the “images feel real and  intimate, a project that reminds the viewer that future feelings are being written by living today. The series has the emotional perspective to involve the viewer, not only from the photography side but also to think on its own story that will be.” The merging of the subject’s past and present and the thoughts of our own futures is certainly emotionally stirring.  Evaluating ourselves now in our 20’s and 30’s is daunting enough, reading the stories of octogenarians as they reflect over the course of their lives really makes me consider the stories we all end up living and telling – of life’s surprises and mundanity, of its successes and the tragedies.

I think its easy to believe that old people aren’t like us, that they don’t think the same way as we do and don’t care as much about the things we care about now.  And yet, “If you are lucky…” seems to prove that as people age they basically stay the same, still yearning to be loved, to matter, to understand life and make sense of loss. Check out Najade’s site and spend time reading the stories.  It is well worth it.

Freya Najade, Roy in the Water, from "If you are lucky, you get old"

Freya Najade, At the Dinner Table, from "If you are lucky, you get old"

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