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Maggie Preston, Becoming an Image, no. 1

Maggie Preston, a recent MFA grad from CalArts, has a really great self portrait project called EVERY PICTURE EVER TAKEN OF ME that merges just about every medium possible – traditional photography, use of appropriated imagery, collage, drawing, performance, video, installation – and does something really interesting.  I believe the work causes the viewer to consider the identifying marks and shape of the face and how those things are recorded via photography over the course of a life.  The resulting images point to how changes over time and the discrepancies between reality and representation influence our memory and identity.  EVERY PICTURE calls into question how we formulate our own visions of ourselves, how self image may change over time and then how it may accumulate into something else entirely.  Ultimately, these pictures may even come to describe someone who is actually unknowable (or at least difficult to define) yet certainly worth searching for.

Maggie Preston, Those eyes there

Maggie Preson, Still searching

Maggie Preston, Corinthians II (ongoing)

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