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Christian Boltanski, from Gymnasium Chases

Photography is dead. That news may come as a surprise, since obituaries about art tend to be written about painting. Invented in the 1830s, photo-graphy is still in its infancy as an art form compared to the centuries-old medium of painting. Despite inventions like portable paint tubes and fast-drying acrylic, painting has not undergone the transformations that digitalization is bringing to the medium of photography.

Of course, I’m speaking about the death of film photography.

Read more – Long Exposure: The death and resurrection of photography in a digitized world by Jennifer Allen for Frieze

Is she correct or another Chicken Little…or is this relevant to you, the students of fine art photography, those “specialists” who are making prints like “lithographers???” Interesting, either way, is her idea of what the future may be like as the photographic print, at least in its vernacular form, becomes more and more rare and how certain artists’ works may find a shift in their reading and poignancy because of the reliance upon what just might be becoming an outmoded relationship with and knowledge of the photographic print.

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