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Hally Pancer


Thanks to the ever amazing American Suburb X I stumbled across a work entitled America 1986-1990 by photographer Hally Pancer.

Her work on American Suburb X is accompanied by a poem/ prose piece, while the artist statement on her website is accompanied by a short story. I thought both were a good example of a more creative approach to an artist statement that Casey Smith had mentioned to us a few weeks ago.

The work is fairly straight forward and deadpan. Most of the subjects are located in the center of the frame and very few shots are not shot from straight on. Her portraits are somewhat haunting and leave the viewer feeling almost like an intruder. Her portraits straddle the line between family travel photos and snapshot aestethic portraiture, and the whole body of work reminds me of Michael Williamson’s work in the book “And Their Children After Them.”

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  1. 03/28/2010 04:21

    Wow, so much to look at – really wonderful, really diverse, and so often intriguing. One gets a sense of a life lived in and through the making of photographs; my favorites are the empty landscapes that seem to act as somewhat strange, haunted stages upon which the rest of the work takes place. Thanks for sharing, Jordan.

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