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Working with Wire


I got hold of some free chicken wire, and I want to work with it for my final project. I am working on a practice trial right now, it’s not going so well, but I’ve been learning more about how to use it. I will post pictures on it sometime this week. I feel like many of my projects, I know what I want to work with, but the reason why (other than I want to try something new) is always confusing to people and I guess to myself. So I am trying to think of what working with wire will do for the viewer. I intend to work with it in a two-dimensional way, recreating a photograph. So when I get these pictures posted, your feelings will be greatly appreciated! I have some photos up of other artists who have used wire.

Sonny Rolle- Rhode Island artist

Wire art

Vik Muniz- From Brazil, but works and lives in New York. These pieces from Muniz look like contour line drawings.

Monkey with Leica



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  1. dsutherland permalink
    04/06/2010 16:19

    Hey Vik Muniz did an entire series similar to what you are talking about, he is one of my favorite artists. The series is called The Best of Life (1990). Basically he took iconic images from LIFE, drew them from memory and then photographed the drawings. Good stuff. You should also talk to Jill, she works with wire a lot, creating everyday objects with it.

  2. Esther permalink
    04/06/2010 18:13

    Yea, I was thinking of taking a similar approach! Jill says she has some more chicken wire to give me, but I think I’m going to work with wire that’s as thin, but comes in a single strand roll.

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