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I have shot a few 4x5s for my final, that I have not had the chance to scan yet. I also processed 2 rolls of 35mm last night and neither had any info on it, so in lieu of having no work to show I stumbled across some work by a Danish photographer by the name of Casper Balslev, that I thought some of the class may be interested in.

Casper took a trip to New Orleans shortly after Hurrican Katrina.

“I felt as though there was already so much coverage of the human stories that I didn’t know how I could contribute to that,” says Balslev. “So I thought it would be good to shoot the city, which was filled with water, on a medium format camera on a tripod, the old fashioned way.”

The pictures offer a stark contrast to the landscape some of us witnessed a few weeks ago, and even to those photos that appeared when it was all over the news.

I found this series on Good magazines website which has a photo section worth checking out.

Casper Balslev fts Nawlins

Casper Balslev fts Nawlins

Casper Balslev fts Nawlins

Casper Balslev fts Nawlins

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  1. esthermeenayi permalink
    04/08/2010 05:19

    Whoa, the water reflection in the first two are so clear its just a little disorienting.

  2. 04/09/2010 00:36

    For a great story on post-Katrina NOLA for you Dave Eggers fans, pick up Zeitoun. I gobbled it up in a weekend’s time because it was so compelling.

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