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Spring at Night #2


So far I have an accumulation of twenty-six photographs (they vary in interest) of which I am sharing three below (no particular reason as to their selection). There were a handful of surprises in the negatives that I wasn’t aware of through the view finder (nor could have been in most cases), as well as some technical disappointments, specifically revolving around high grain. Based on what I have, I am undecided as to whether I should include ‘establishing shots’ — scenes which show the vegetation in an actual context; I am also still debating whether text should be included with the images, and if so what. In terms of size, I am considering somewhere around one foot on the longest side, though would still be open to printing them small, and having them presented in black, box-like frames which must be opened to reveal the image (and behind a layer of glass).

I’d appreciate any suggestions as to what direction I should take the project in, how you would like to see them presented, and your reactions to the ones I am providing so far.

My thoughts:

Image 1:

I really enjoy the density of this image, and the monochromatic pink rising from the black. I also think the central strip of out of focus white lights further mystifies the sense of place.

Image 2:

This image has more of a context than the previous one, and a flatter depth (but still present). Again, there is a monochromatic effect occurring, and I enjoy the juxtaposition between the organic tree branches, and the rectangular windows.

Image 3:

I am not too enthusiastic about the flare at the top left, though do not think it destroys the image. I really like how the back lit white flowers pop against the purple night sky, as well as the inclusion of the antennae tower, which is depicted as 3 red dots.

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  1. sjwinston permalink
    04/16/2010 00:14

    I enjoy the first image you posted here and in your last post the most. I have the strongest reactions to the images that you have shown here and in the previous hall show of night shots that do not show the usual signs of night photography. By that I mean flares, dots, light motion. My vote is the less context the better. I think it will be more effective without it. As for text, what did you have in mind? Something on the poetic side?

    Printing small would control your grain issues. I really enjoyed the intimate size and presentation of your last project. Would you consider testing them out that size? I think that might allow the viewer to ‘meditate’ on the subject matter in ways you have described previously.

    Woo! Foliage!

  2. 04/17/2010 02:46

    Nice comment and suggestion, Sara. I think experimenting with a smaller size is a good idea as well. They look great the size they appear on my screen – around 4×5″.
    There is something really rich and lush about these – keeping the dark, heavy saturated tones will be important.
    I shall echo: Woo! Foliage!

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