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… Getting down to the nitty-gritty. So far, there are only a few things that are clear. This project will involve layers, contained within both the composition and within the darkroom. Inspirations include the recent Muybridge show, sheet music, repetition, and cliché verres. I’m working towards something more choreographed than it is sequenced.

At the beginning of this project my trusty steed, Herschel the Rollei, broke, so I’m using this opportunity to shoot with something a little more light and portable, a Mamiya TLR. So far, the relationship is promising. We’ve been trekking through the neighborhoods of D.C. finding things common and uncanny. After some experimentation in the darkroom, I hope to find a rhythm between lightness and dark. I’ll be creating some more cliché verres basically. Expanding, but not repeating, my Constructed Image project is the goal. I’ve decided to leave the tube behind and just shoot. In the darkroom I will decide whether the circle is friend or foe. Other possible cliché verre formations include the honeycomb, the shotgun hole, or maybe some sort of nebular type dealio.

The work of Sarina Evelyn Cass has been a major recent inspiration. I can’t remember how I discovered her work, but I recommend everyone check her out here.

See you on the flip. Places to go, armadillos to see…


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  1. pavloskaralis permalink
    04/12/2010 00:17

    this guy’s work may be of use to you

  2. Sarian permalink
    09/30/2010 16:15

    Thank you. The world inspires the world.

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