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Life After…


My original intent for my final was to in some define what moderation is. Having existed for as long as I can remember, in extremes, I wanted to try and start to find a balance.

In true Jordan style, I decided to abandon that plan and continue in my search and investigation, of what, I’m not sure yet. After a bored saturday morning, I decided to take an overnight trip to Ocean City, Maryland and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Along the way I had Douglas Coupland’s “Life After God”

While researching the Irish potato famine, Coupland crafted multiple short stories, complete with images drawn by the author. He then took these short stories, and bound them into individual small books at a copy center. Coupland then gave them out as presents to friends. They were not initially meant to form a complete novel.

While reading “Life After God” I was struck by the similarities to my life and also to my writing. While he has paired short stories and sketches/ drawings, as of late I have been pairing short stories and photos.

While Coupland wrote these short stories in search of finding his meaning or existence of religion, I write and photograph in search of something, I just haven’t figured out what yet. My goal for this project, is to make a large series of short story/ photo chap books and present them as a box set, not necessarily meant to be read or even kept together, but just to offer others something to relate to in their lives.

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