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Sex and Strangers


Sex and the internet have always interested me. In my final project I’m studying them both and the way they work together, specifically on Craigslist. I like the idea that people on there looking for sex could be someone you passed on the street today or even a friend. I want to explore the private world. One series of work that had an influence on this idea was Phillip Toledano’s  “Phone Sex.” In this set of photos he photographs phone sex operators. What’s so interesting about these people is that they range from exactly who you think would be on the other end of the phone and others that look like my grandmother. I’m excited to see how this all goes.

Here are a few pictures from Mr. Toledano’s series:

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  1. sjwinston permalink
    04/16/2010 00:03

    Are you going to meet people from Craigslist and photograph them?

  2. ninethings permalink
    04/16/2010 18:46

    & if yes, are you going to photograph them at their house? have them come to yours as if they were meeting up with you for whatever their ad described? I’m basically interested in what mode the images are going to be made.

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