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Spring At Night #3


Two observations have arisen from this project: the rate at which the subject matter is changing, and how self conscious I am to photograph at night.

Beginning with the first, when I began shooting there were several types of flowers in bloom, but now a few weeks into the project, the majority of plant life has shed the pedals and taken up their green summer state. This is something I did foresee happening from the start. Nonetheless, I will be finishing up the shooting part with another 3 rolls, likely filled with images that are a in most part green.

Finally, this project requires me to carry a huge camera that isn’t recognizable as such, through neighborhoods and dark wooded areas at night (see, just the description sounds sketchy). Given that street lights are my main light source, its hard to focus and frame through the view finder, so I’m often spending 5 minutes at a time peering through it. A few nights ago I was photographing on the capital crescent trail, trying to silhouette a leaf pattern against the blurred out lights of a safeway in the distance (i’ll post pic when it gets developed). It was around 11pm at night so I didn’t expect other people to be walking on it at such a dark section. Regardless, some guy and his friend walk by me and in a condescending manner asks “how ya doin there” to which I don’t reply because it didn’t immediately sink in that he was talking to me. He then adds “…..straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanger” and I just reply back “hi.” As they walk away I hear him tell his friend that “he’s taking recon of the safeway.” Thinking back on it, it really did seem like I was some angry Safeway costumer who came back after closing hours to take pictures from behind some trees across the street, in order to carry out some half assed revenge plot. Anyway, I just thought the whole thing was funny enough to share.

As for the technical problems I last mentioned, shooting with a less grainy film will mean longer exposures, and essentially more blur from wind. Even now with 800 iso film I still get unwanted motion blur in some images. In the end though, grain doesn’t bother me when its an actually C-Print rather than a digital, so I think I will be printing these in the color dark room.

Here are three more:

Oh, and this:

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