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Full Steam Ahead


In a recent conversation someone told me about myself (quite mind blowing); “You seem to not be fully here…intellectual thought process is keeping you away….but your thinking and that’s good.” I said, “Your good at observing, But I am not sure what I am suppose to do with that, guess I’ll just keep shooting.”

its 4:23pm; these are my thoughts:

Searching through the internet.sparks of interest.damns that’s a good photo.take a walk.take your camera.think but don’t check out.i want another smoothie.only 26 more ain’t over ’til the fat lady that you john wayne, is this me?

Here are some pictures:

Hin Chua; series After The Fall

Hin Chua, series After The Fall

Ian Baguskas

Ian Baguskas

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  1. pavloskaralis permalink
    04/19/2010 06:50

    hmmm I wonder who told you that ;); like the 2nd and 4th pics best; the distance between the camera to the buildings, and from the sheep to the city; the abstraction of scale especially in context with the others

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