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When in search of inspiration or a time killer, I often find myself looking at fjord. Fjord offers a wide range of work to be viewed, but one that specifically has stood out over time is the work of Bryan Schutmaat. The thing that grabbed me right away with his work was his sense of travel something I shamelessly love. I can only hope my work is half as sensual and eye catching as his.

Bryan Schutmaat fts Western Frieze

Bryan Schutmaat fts Western Frieze

Bryan Schutmaat fts Western Frieze

Bryan Schutmaat fts Heartland

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  1. Jared Ragland permalink*
    04/19/2010 04:33

    A couple of Schumaat’s pieces are available via 20×200, a great source for beginning an art collection where artists offer their works typically in editions of 200 for 20 bucks a print. I’ve bought a few things from them, and its a great deal. Check it out – http://www.20×

  2. pavloskaralis permalink
    04/19/2010 06:27

    Love those pictures!

  3. Cortlandt Glover permalink
    04/19/2010 21:26

    This is a great website. The bare minimum and easy to navigate. Definitely book-marking. I can see some similarities between this artist’s work and Jordan’s. They are both quiet and loaded at the same time.

  4. Diana permalink
    04/20/2010 01:22

    You are doing a really good job in finding artist that can connect to your work, these pictures are awesome!

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