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Its late but I don’t feel like sleeping, so I’d like to share my Caribbean art class project; its basically collages made from haitian vodou, benin, and pre columbian  image scans, to go along with the progressive and mixed nature of Caribbean culture; the compositions are in part inspired by of Haitian painter Edouard Duval-Carrie. They’re blue because I wanted an idea of how they would look as cyanotypes.

so far I have two out of five done (the 2nd and 3rd of the sequence)

And a third one in progress (this is the first of the sequence)

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  1. Cortlandt Glover permalink
    04/19/2010 21:32

    These images seem to have a lot more depth than your cyanotypes, which is probably because they are collages, but anyways…they are stunning. They seem almost 3-D. Nice work as always Pavlos.

  2. pavloskaralis permalink
    04/20/2010 00:57

    thank ya mam; theyre definitely less poster-esque

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