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Last Goodbyes


This is a preview of a photo/writing piece for my final except the final will be in chat book form.

we tried tuning distance on the wind up radio

in the heat of those american nights

mountain scapes between magazine pages

we sat in your room

on your bed

we sat close

the window was open

spring making itself known outside

we named the children we would never have

& said we never wanted

we spoke of autumn

& named the future grace

we imagined the shapes of clouds

on off white ceilings

we talked of taking freight trains west

& we talked of east coast beaches we had never sunk our toes in

we counted breathes

we spoke like we were in the movies

but the director had stormed off the set

& we were left to improvise off stage

we spoke of drinking under highway overpasses

& what if anything we would take from a burning house

we spoke of stairs & ladders & slides & slopes

we asked where super heroes go when they died

& why it only rains on mondays

& why we dont get out more

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.

Keep in mind it will look and read differently in book form.

More pictures can be seen on my flickr.

Also if you have the means listen to the following songs, as they have been on repeat for the past few days and have been a huge influence and just kind of awesome in general.

Hot Water Music “Seein’ Diamonds” (Specifically 1:20- 1:47)

The Appleseed Cast “Ceremony”

Third Eye Blind “Motorcycle Drive By”

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  1. Jared Ragland permalink*
    04/23/2010 04:38

    Music is a much under-appreciated topic here at OFFTHEORANGE, isnt it? I think many of you are like me in that music plays a big part in either our finding photographic inspiration or helping us as we work.

    My most recent favorites have been the latest records from The Tallest Man on Earth, Besnard Lakes, Beach House, Efterklang and Midlake. I’ve had them on repeat for weeks and weeks. As much as I want to slight you for your choice of 3EB, I suppose I can’t because you were probably no more than 7 yrs old when that record was all over the damned radio. Hated it.

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