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All – please check out this great opportunity for online exhibition with Michael Mazzeo Gallery.  Muriel Hasbun recently participated in an RSVP exhibition with the gallery and it was a big hit.  I encourage all of you to apply.  And its free.  Here’s the lowdown, Brown:

Artists are currently invited to submit work for consideration in Class Pictures, an RSVP online exhibition of exceptional work by currently enrolled students of undergraduate photography programs. Students may submit up to five images from a single project.

As the school year winds down, educators like myself have the pleasure of reveling in the birth of projects that have been gestating in classrooms, darkrooms, studios and computer labs for the past year. Challenged by rigorous institutional demands and the need to create compelling work while maintaining their individuality, students’  progress and achievements become evident in the richness and diversity of their final portfolio presentations. In an effort to bring some of this work to a wider audience, we will present a selection of extraordinary work by a few of these outstanding students. The names of those involved in the selection process will be posted here in the coming days.

RSVP is a Michael Mazzeo Gallery program of curated online exhibitions. By way of call and response initiated on the gallery blog, artists are asked to submit images to be considered for inclusion in specific, themed shows. RSVP exhibitions are handled in the same professional and enthusiastic manner as the gallery’s on-site exhibitions, with advertising and sales efforts, on-demand printed catalogs and gallery support.

It is important to note that this is not a pay-to-play program and the exhibitions are not ‘competitions’.
There is no charge for entries.
There is no charge for inclusion in exhibitions.
There is no charge for inclusion in exhibition catalogs.

To submit images, follow the instructions on our Online Submissions page.

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