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The links I posted the other day, while meant for everyone’s general benefit, were primarily focused in response to Cortland, Diana and Sara’s projects.  I’ve dug up a few other things for some others in the class…

…for Jordan, the books of Chad Muthard, particularly You Might Not Need Talent, which begins, “Any fool can take a picture with a camera like that…”

Chad Muthard, from the artist book You Might Not Need Talent

…for our tattooed friend Rob, who is shooting tattoos, see Inkcorporated by Bjorn Abelin, featured at the Lens Culture blog

and Bonus Bonus Bonus, Rob: look at this, the creepiest black metal photo portfolio I’ve ever seen (not to mention the only black metal photography portfolio I’ve ever seen): Alexander Binder, who was born on Halloween and grew up in the Black Forest.  Don’t forget your Scooby snacks before looking at this work.

Alexander Binder, selections from TRAUM I and MALEFICIUM II

…for Dan, a bunch of photos about photos.  And other stuff.  First, Bryan Graf‘s Color Movements and Wildlife Analysis portfolios (also but unrelated to abstract/photograms, is his knock-out body of work, A Garden State, which is a must see).

Bryan Graf, from the series Wildlife Analysis

Next up is of course is Walead Beshty, who we have discussed previously here on the blog and has a nice video from his 2008 Whitney Biennial appearance.

Walead Beshty, Six Color Curl

Finally, check out everything Jonathan Lewis has ever done.

Jonathan Lewis, Beef with Vegetable and Barley, fts Business Art

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  1. pavloskaralis permalink
    04/27/2010 06:12

    hello Alexander Binder; this is the kind of stuff i’ve had vaguely floating in my head for a certain something

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