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My name is Arista Moon Slater-Sandoval.  I just go by Aris, see when I was younger I was so embarrassed by how strange my name is, but now I embrace it, I guess just like how I embrace the rest of my oddity’s now.

I was first giving a camera when I was twelve, and that was the beginning of my love affair to date.  I was born and raised in small town Michigan, and photography was one of my outlets from pure devastating boredom that is the Midwest.

Lake Side Dr.

Lake Side Dr.

So when I was a junior in high school and I had heard of the Corcoran, all the way in Washington D.C. it was a dream to me.  I had previously been to visit D.C. a few times before when I was younger.   But getting there to go to school? who knew.  My mom wanted me to stay close, but screw that, I booked it and got into the Corcoran, which is where  I can be found today.

My camera is still with me today and I still avidly shoot and create work, for school but also for myself and love every second of it no matter how overwhelmed I may seem.

figure study based on Weston

figure study based on Weston

Tree out back

I prefer black and white, but also like to play in color film.

double exposure

woods I

woods II

woods II

dirty snow

Sometimes a little bit of digital


paint drip

And even some non film camera based processes.

Part one: The actual

Part one: The actual

scanogram of my hair

scanogram of my hair

I am ready and strong to see what the new school year will pull out of me this time.


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